Fall Fun!

Happy Fall everyone!

Fall Festivities

Scavenger Hunt

Always a fun time, work with your fellow immortalseeders to solve the scavenger hunt to unlock great prizes for the entire site! We hope to introduce a new game mechanic for this year's fall hunt. Stay tuned for more information.

Fall iS Radio/Shoutbox Quiz

We will be holding a fall quiz show down on October 28th at 6PM Eastern Time. Multiple rounds will include topics such as Fall holidays and spooky movies and TV shows. There will be lots of great prizes to be had!

Spooky Deals on Donation Packages

Donations have been on the lean side the past few months. So we are going to spice some donation packages up a bit for a limited time.

Donations keep the hamsters fed and the lights on around here. If you have it in your ability please consider donating. And if you see someone running around in a fancy green suit, be sure to thank them for helping the cause.

-Free Leech 3 will see its VIP time doubled! -All upload packages will receive double the bonuses! -Ratio Booster will be doubled! -All bonuses except for VIP time will be double in the Super Donation Special (making it extra special-ly) -Lifetime VIP will see its cost reduced by $100.

Why rent when you can own! Please note that the bonuses are as shown in each donation package.
A humble thank you to all! You make this place the best ever. Keep on rocking and have a great Fall!