Great news for Pixel fans, as Best Buy has an offer that it's hard to refuse. The unlocked version of Pixel 3 is $350 and to make things even more appealing Best Buy throws in a free Nest Hub as well.

So, instead of paying $800 for a brand new Google Pixel 3, you can get one for just $450 from Best Buy. On top of that, you'll receive a Nest Hub with Google Assistant for free, which typically sells for $130.

There's only one color available for Pixel 3 Just Black, as the Clearly White model seems to be sold out, which disappointing considering this particular color was even cheaper at $400.

The Pixel 3 is one of the few phones that have been upgraded to Android 10. However, Google is readying the Pixel 4, which will be officially unveiled on October 15. So, if you'd rather prefer a newer phone, you might want to skip this deal, but the Pixel 3 deal is too good to miss.