Tracker Name inTheShaDow (iTS)
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre General
Tracker SignUp Invite Only
Maintain Ratio Ratio-Less
Banned Countries Several ranges in Sudan, Somalia & Egypt

Tracker Description

  • iTS < my beloved tracker since many years , really in heart
  • Say Welcome ! ! to the world's most Mystic general private tracker you'll ever see , it's inTheShaDow (iTS) & really considered da BEST name to be picked for it.
  • Login page is hidden under a fake login form and only approved members get the right bypass codeword.
  • Tracker born in late 2007 (11 Years OLD!) , got App. 22K uploaded torrents with about 4K registered users . But HEY! only 1.8K are Enabled users ( why to PRUNE all that guys )
  • Considered really an elite place with it's style , you'll find a lot of unique releases (iTS-Packs) that you won't find it elsewhere.
  • Best thing on iTS that tracker is Ratio-Less (upload traffic count!) , but they got Hit & Run rule activated & you should seedback your snatched stuffs to at least 72 hours not matter how small the file is!
  • Bad thing on iTS that most of their torrents are poorly seeded so not to so easy to get much upload credits on by snatching torrents with Not many leechers on newly uploaded torrents as well.
  • What makes it more better , they got Bonus points system implemented (MarketPlace) where you can buy extra GBs to your total upload traffic to be gained by seeding torrents & it's differs according to size of torrent file!
  • Also newly registered users are allowed to upload their stuffs normally to the tracker . So if you got uploading skills , you can get a good amount of upload traffic there easily this way.
  • Their userclass promotions works like other trackers normally ( xX your total traffic , amount of upload , time on tracker , etc.. ) , but one morething which makes their forum active is that promotions are done base on an index which takes into account your total activity around (e.g Forums , Meaningful comments , etc..) . Got 2 groups : Member classes & Forum member classes.
  • Invitations are not granted by promotions or donating to site , only users with "Established member" class or higher can fill in membership applications for their friends by a (Recommend a friend) tab & these applications are routinely checked manually by staffs.
  • As per In-activity rules :
    - Account with nothing uploaded/downloaded is disabled after 4 weeks.
    - Account with no activity (login) for 60 days will be disabled by system , Park your account !
  • iTS-IRC channel :
    - Server:
    - (SSL): +6697
    - Channel: #intheshadow
    - Password: lightintheshade
  • iTS just ban several ranges in Sudan, Somalia and Egypt due to excessive trading on these ranges.
  • One last point in their Rules that " Do Not publish a review of the site without staff approval " , Sorry guys! i just did this review for nothing bad , just i love iTS !
  • iTS is a great tracker , just lack of users makes it extremely hard to join & not easy to find all your needed stuffs.. Open it up a bit guys of iTS , makes it more active & many good users can get through & benefit the community with uploads/donations/etc...ALL that closage makes it like entering a DARK cave lol !



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Tracker Ratings

Pre-Time -/10
Speed 8/10
Content 7/10
Community 8/10
Rarity 10/10
OverAll 8/10