Tracker Name PiXELHD
Tracker URL
Tracker Signup Application Only
Tracker Type Ratio Free
Seed Difficulty Hard
Tracker IRC IRC Server:
SSL Port: 6697
Non SSL Port: 6667

Tracker Description

- As the name suggests, PiXELHD is a small tracker solely for HD content.

- The PS3-TEAM were known for encoding on HDME before making the move to their own tracker.

- PxHD does not offer invites - ever! If you wish to join you have to fill out their application form. If you don't have proofs from other trackers then forget applying.

- While this is a 'no ratio' tracker you are still expected to seed back anything you download. The current seed rules are for 72 hours or to a 1:1 share ratio.

- Content offers small sized files in both movies and TV. I bet you're thinking HD content AND small files? The quality is worth it, I promise.

- I don't personally use IRC but the forums are always fairly active, they do not offer a shoutbox.

- PxHD offers a seed bonus points system where users receive 0.50 points per every 15 minutes you are seeding a torrent. IRC users are rewarded 5 bonus points per every 15 minutes they are active in the channel or try your luck in the casino. Points can be spent on HnR removals, IRC voice, gifting points to other users and even a stripper - don't ask me what this is lol.

- As with any tracker donations are not a compulsory part of your membership, this is completely optional. The current method of donations is by PayPal with a minimum donation of 5 euro up to 100 euro.



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Tracker Ratings

Pretimes -
Community 8/10
Content 8/10
Speed 8/10
Tracker Rating 8/10