In a form of celebrating the new year the staff of the chinese tracker TorrenTGUI [TTG] decide to have an open signup period and a global freeleech on the 3 January of 2012, remember that TorrenTGUi its a tracker of HD and Games content, the home of the known encode group WiKi, also is they have a new user requirement, something quite common on tracker of this kind, which will be fairly easy to fill: "20 days to download 10G, share ratio of 1 or more" . So if you're interested on HD content from one the best group around register on TorrenTGUI, but remember that another solid HD chinese tracker, its going to open the signup as part of new year celebration [HDRoad [HDR]: Will Open Signup on January 1st 2012 ], so write it somewhere or suscribe to open signup thread to get the latest news about TorrenTGUI, HDRoad and all the best tracker aroud.

TTG Open + Freeleech = Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Singles only briefly because they had been attacked on the hastily opened several hours, has been completely stable. Coincides with the occasion of New Year's Day, TTG want in the afternoon of January 3, 13-point re-open registration. Then welcome to share love, love and attention to our new friends keen to join. Cliché: Do not register vest, once discovered all the associated number of full-disabled. On a pro, and novice table forget the most important assessment Oh ~ (20 days to download 10G, share ratio of 1 or more) gray brother @ TTG

Remember TorrenTGUI will Open Signup and Freeleech on the January 3 2012.