The Staff Team of PtN would like to wish each & everyone of you, here at PtN, a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

It is, without doubt, a wonderful time of the year and we sincerely hope that you're enjoying your holidays and having a wonderful time with your friends & family wherever you are in the world right now.

To celebrate the festive season, we have decide to enable 5x Upload Raid, to give you the opportunity to easily surpass your next promotion target.

Secondly, it is always a sad moment for us when we are forced to say goodbye to a valued staff member. But, unfortunately the day has come for us to bid farewell to our oldest serving Quartermaster, Rodin.

Due to important real life commitments, Rodin has chosen to step down from staff as he doesn't have enough time to dedicate towards PtNanymore.
We are sad to see him leave, but we also realize that our real lives are vastly more important than our online commitments. So, we wish him good luck with everything he intends to do in life. Wish Rodin good luck in here.

I have learn a great deal of things from Rodin and wish him the very best in all endeavors of life. If he ever finds enough time to contribute towards PtN again, like old times, we'd be psyched to have him back on our team.

So, in celebration of 3 long years of contribution by one of the greatest staff members that PtN has ever seen, we have decided to enable 5x Gold raid for a week, and also open External Application for 3 days while we are at it.

We hope you guys enjoy the celebrations spanning the next few days.

Rodin, fare well buddy. Drop by the IRC whenever you get time.. and don't you dare be a stranger. <3