Open: Crazy's Corner | e-Learning

Tracker's Name: Crazy's Corner
Genre: e-Learning
Sign-up Link:
Closing date: N/A
Additional information: Crazy's Corner is a Private Torrent Tracker dedicated to ebooks and audio books.

From site's admin:

"Hi all we are a new tracker that is dedicated to E/books and audio books
but we all know you may want more the choice is up to you
we will have a cat for vips that will have a number of things not book related
like adult movies/tv and movies/movie packs and more and its all very cheap
you get 4 weeks for 3 or 8 weeks vip for 5 or 20 weeks vip for 10 or 30 weeks for 15 or a full year for 25
as a vip you can download anything on site with no seeding back
but if you only want the books that's fine their is no cost to you but you do need to seed back
we are telling you this as we want to be straight with you from the start some more things you may want to know
we will never ask you to donate that choice is yours( this means no pms asking you to donate )
all members are free to request any book torrent thy like staff & uploaders will do their best to get it for you
vips can request any torrent thy whant on site in any cat
we hope you come and see us and stay a while"