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HacheDe (+HD)
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Closed / Invite Only
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Castilian Spanish

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  • HacheDe is a HD SPANiSH Private Tracker, you will find almost all, current movies and series released in HD, is the spanish private tracker with more content MicroHD, usually very good quality, all uploaders have seedox or good home speed, after HDSpain ans HDCity is for my the spanish tracker with better quality, also have a internal group MasHD are a guarantee of quality, the forum is not very active but the users and staff are always friendly and willing to help.



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  • Ratings & Personal Commentary

  • personally I usually use this tracker to download old movies in 720p/1080p encodes, does it have a very good team of uploaders that goes up old and classic movies, is very easy to build and maintain good ratio even with home connection thanks to the many leechers and freeleech, also has quite full bluray but not with many seeds, anyway for me is the best alternative to the two giants trackers of spain (hds and hdc).

  • 7/10 Content
  • Very decent, a lot MicroHD encodes and HQ encodes, also upload everything bluray releases available with audio and subtitle in castilian spanish.
  • 8/10 Speed
  • The speed in the new uploads is very good, when you download files over 6 months or one year, you can now have more trouble getting good speed, because these are not usually housed in seedbox.
  • 7/10 Community
  • I give good marks because in regard to answer questions, queries, etc... users and staff are always friendly and willing to help. I do not give more because the forum is very off, but if you need help immediately respond to you.