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  1. Empornium News

    Freeleech Picks August 2019

    Hey Pervs,

    It's time for the August 2019 Freeleech picks!

    To view a collage of this month's picks, please Click Here.

    If you wish to view the previous picks,...
  2. Empornium News

    New contest

    * UFC 241 *

    * A londonkhan486 Enterprise Production, LLC *

    Proudly presents:
  3. EfectoDoppler News

    Google Translation:

    You can still vote for the best peak of the month of JULY 2019. Participate!
    Become a community! Share your tastes! Congratulate your favorite uploaders!
    Make your picks in...
  4. Lesbians4U News

    Yearly bill is coming up, so donations are welcome
  5. 3 Evils News

    Freeleech is ON until 19 Aug 2019
    DoubleUpload is ON until 19 Aug 2019
    Half Download is ON until 19 Aug 2019
  6. Sharewood News

    Google Translation:

    Freeleech On!
    2 days, 20 hours, 08 minutes, 45 seconds
  7. HDStreet News

    Google Translation:

    Official TG group, welcome to join

    Telegram: Join Group Chat
  8. Xthor News - Maintainance

    Server in maintainance

    Maintenance of the host:

    The maintenance will start at Friday August 16, 2019 03:00 (CEST) and will be finished on Friday August 16, 2019 05:30 (CEST)
  9. SpaceTorrent News - Server down

    Downtime due to server issues.
  10. DigitalHive (DH) News - Downtime + Migration

    Server is down at the moment.


    Server migration over the next few weeks; expect downtime on site/tracker/IRC throughout the process.
  11. HDStreet News

    Google Translation:

    All members sent a temporary invitation code

    1. The disabled users registered before 2019 have been cleaned up;
    2. Now all the members were sent a temporary invitation...
  12. PuntoTorrent News

    Buenas noches,

    El Staff de PuntoTorrent ha decidido que tras los numerosos robos de cuentas se prohíbe el acceso al foro y tracker con VPNs. Todo aquel que acceda mediante este sistema sera...
  13. PixelCove News

    Sitewide Freeleech starting in 4 hours and 13 mins
  14. ICETorrent News

    Google Translation:

    St. Mary 2019

    On the occasion of St. Mary's, we wish all the Marias, Marianas and all who celebrate their names day MANY GOOD...
  15. FeedUrNeed (FuN) News

    Crazyhour All torrents free and triple upload credit!
    starts in 20:17:39
  16. XtremeFile News


    Uploaders: uploadapp
    Staff members: staffapp
  17. ‘Google Blocked TorrentFreak From Appearing in Search Feature’

    Documents released by whistleblower Zachary Vorhies suggests that Google actively blocked hundreds of sites, including TorrentFreak, from its Google Now service. The blocklist doesn't provide a...
  18. NordicBits News

    Google Translation:


    In a very short time, NB v2 goes online.

    We have listened to our users and decided to use the mailadresses already in use on NB v1 - you will NOT...
  19. XKTorrent News

    Google Translation:

    Open registrations, presentation bonus ...

    Hello everyone,

    I inform you that for a few days the tracker is open to registration, until September 1st. It's time to invite...
  20. News

    Next Happy Hour Starts Friday 16th August 2019 at 5:46 am
  21. News

    Donation Needed!


    We really need your help to keep this site going as donations have been nil lately. It makes it very difficult to keep the site going on with our hosting providers...
  22. Requesting ABNormal

    Requesting ABNormal

    If anyone can help me, I would be grateful

    Thank you
  23. LosslessClub News - Freeleech

    Google Translation:


    24-hour freeleech from S*****!!

    23 hours 39 minutes 17 seconds Freeleech...
  24. eStone News

    Google Translation:

    Magic 5

    Magic 5 - betting game

    For our magic 5 game, we are waiting for your bets which you can find on this link:
  25. PTFiles News

    Crazyhour All torrents free
    and triple upload credit! starts in
    25 Hours 17 Minutes 03 Seconds
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