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  1. What are the key categories of non-traditional marketing

    People marketing; place marketing; event marketing and Idea marketing

    What are the five types of nontraditional marketing?
    1. Person Marketing 2. Place Marketing 3. Cause Marketing 4. Event Marketing 5. Organization Marketing

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    Non traditional market is notwork marketing which is by the association to save peoples time and energy. And now it can be done on telivision,computers,mobiles,etc.

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  2. Best Selling Smart Phones

    The list of why to go to a web based casino can proceed. Portable Power banks are very common now and available in the market with different capacity. You won't have to strain your eyes, as the high resolution screen will help you view clear and crisp images as well as videos and documents. You will have clear and bright images with the built in flash and you will be able to email and send your photos all around the world with ease.

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